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It’s high energy. Yet, it’s comforting. Open all day, it offers the comfort of an old family friend, with whom all generations are comfy. At night it morphs  into a swinging star. Having attended a birthday dinner here, I checked it out subsequently at lunch with a charming mother and daughter gourmet duo.

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Hammer & Song.jpg
At Hammer & Song with Rani Kapur and Mandira Kapur Koirala. 




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Vegan? Vegetarian? Jain? Gluten free? Sugarfree? You name it, they got it  Keto ? Voila! a whole menu.  I’m a Flexitarian and never on a diet. But I’d still return to Bandra’s Farmers café for a tasty, guilt free, moderately priced meal.

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Farmers Cafe
Fit, fine and fab Saket Sethi and Chintan Shah at Farmer’s Café. 



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The good news is that menus, cuisines, restaurants pop up with unstoppable energy in Mumbai! The bad news is that some are not even worth going to. Which category did  Andheri E’s  latest “Pickle and Pint” belong to? 

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Picke eand Pint 1
PICKLE AND PINT: with food and film aficionados Nidhi Tuli and Suruchi Sharma. 


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Regional Indian

Regional Indian cuisine zindabad! I’m a big fan of our  country’s diverse and complex  regional cuisines and am constantly writing about the need for more restaurants serving these. I welcome Taftoon! It  celebrates the regions along the Grand Trunk road.

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Balle balle on the Grand Trunk road highway: dining at TAFTOON.


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Perched opposite the Opera House, Botanica is  a 65 seater modern, bright, cheery and tile-floored space. The interiors are a mix of classic and contemporary with floor-to-ceiling glass windows. Read my detailed review on

At BOTANICA with superachievers, Ashiesh Shah flanked by Bimal Parekh (specs) and Sheetal Talwar

Review: PLATE & PINT

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Charming surprise! Go past the long, brightly lit, wood-panelled corridor into alcove like rooms. Bakery counter, high table and chairs, booths, black and white floor, huge TV screen, large glass windows with green  foliage complete the decor.

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Please take a look at our very own dosa lovingly held by the Worlds best chef. I  last met this brilliant and down to earth charmer, Michelin starred Daniel Humm at the prestigious Worlds 50 best restaurant awards ceremony in Melbourne. His NYC restaurant Eleven Madison park (which I’ve dined in three times) was justifiably crowned “The world’s best restaurant 2017” As the  jury chairperson of the Indian subcontinent (Worlds 50 best)  I was thrilled he  came to India and made seismic waves, cooking for The World series in Mumbai and Delhi and taking in the spices, cultures, sounds, sights, tastes of India. Since Im still in Spain on research, I could not meet him, but he sent me this email about his “tremendously inspirational” time here. Due to space constraint I can’t reproduce all he wrote. What about the dosa? “my experience with dosas in India was like nothing I’ve ever tasted” wrote the maestro “It was light, complex, almost crepe like, but with a sourness, and delicate nature to it. Of the two types I tried I tend to like the more chewy, less smooth option, but both were incredible”. The dosas themselves made him  think…”to push our boundaries further, and look to other cultures for inspiration”. Forever learning and evolving. That’s what keeps him on the top. Looking forward to meeting you Daniel Humm  in Bilbao, this June at The world’s 50 best awards 2018. India wishes you all the best!

World’s best chef Daniel Humm and his favorite dosa.

Review: Oozo

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What!!! Korean (dakdoritang), Peruvian ( pescado Sudado), Uzbek (lagman),  Greek (Garidas tourkolimano), Colombian (Bandeja Paisa Sizzler) and more such dishes  in a Saki Naka restaurant? The intriguingly named “Oozo” sure had us intrigued and excited.

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Oozo Bar & Dinner 1

Oozo Bar & Dinner 2
At Saki Naka’s OOZO with Gaurqav Roy and Shilpa Chawla.


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So what if it seriously small? It was a delight to dine in Mumbai’s first dedicated Sindhi cuisine restaurant. And magnifying my joy was the fact that not only were my guests well-informed foodies who re Sindhis, have grown up on Sindhi food but also gave me a full lesson on the cuisine.

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Juss By Sindhful
At JUSS BY SINDHFUL with Bansi Jaising and Harish malani.