Rashmi Uday Singh is actively involved in work on health, be it in print, television or books.

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    • Rashmi wrote a weekly health column for the INDIAN EXPRESS for more than 15 years. Having trained with the BBC she produced, scripted, directed and presented 52 episodes of a TV SHOW, HEALTH TODAY for the INDIA TODAY GROUP which was aired on DD METRO and was called ‘HEALTH TODAY.’
    • Health Today was an upbeat, magazine format show fleshed in an entertaining style but with a backbone of well-researched information. There was a balance of medical, fitness and nutritional information along with a celebrity interview in each episode, along with leading national and international doctors of modern medicine, as well as holistic healers and integrated medicine experts. Aishwariya Rai and Sunny Deol were amongst the several celebrity guests on Health Today. The episodes ranged from ‘Managing Stress’ and ‘Forever Young’ to ‘Preventing Cancer’. It was telecast for a whole year, (1995 – 1996) every Saturday.
    • She continues to write on health and spas for various national and international magazines, and is currently working on the biography of one of India’s leading doctors.

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