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Discovery. Again and again, that’s the  word that kickstarts my adrenalin. Be it while researching the Worlds first vegetarian guide to Paris or Indias first  city restaurant guide. And todays’ restaurant gives me that same tingly, happy feeling. It sits quietly in Byculla. Elbowed into the printers compound, in one of the warehouses. It faces a Parsi chawl (yes  there is such a thing) and yes! we did get lost trying to find it (because of some road closures) and ended up in Ghoddopeo village.  We had a super time with great fun foodies. Yes! we will return. And make it a point to do so on Saturday… for the live-jazz night.

Having negotiated your way into the winding Byculla lanes,  Walk into a low ceilinged reception area. And then wham! the  warehouse’s highceiling, with  amphitheatre-like steps comes as a surprise. There is a glassed in open kitchen, grey-toned industrial chic, Nikita DSilva ensures that the focus is on the food and the only   pop of colour are the bright green plates.

Our server in a black uniform (like the rest of the servers) brings us the comprehensive short menu of what he calls “upscale comfort food” and when we ask for a a huge number of small and large plates of baos, burgers et al advises to slow down. A riveting parade of dishes begins …complimentry sticky rice balls with tangy sauces, prawn wafers with a dense bacon sauce.
Tart, sweet, salty, fruity bursts  pop in many of the dishes.  We love the refreshing juicy watermelon tucked into the Belgian pork belly bao with goat cheese enlivened with ginger coriander dressing.
Sweet persimmon chutney sparkles the charred broccoli served with airy burrata foam
Orange segments  top the cast iron cauliflower, under a layer of mashed potatoes with Vadouvan butter, Citrus pesto in the seabass, guava in the pork belly… unexpected marriages. Fleshy moist eggplant plump with  flavour and kissed with sweetness
Delicious dessert of PB & J–peanut butter mousse with  textured peanut brittle on a chewy macaron base. Must ask for this dessert…Pillows of marshmallow  bursting with blenders pride whisky over a callebaut mini molten lava cake sprinkled with miso caramel…Umami heaven.

Open only for dinner. Uncomfy chairs.The location is at once a minus and also a plus point. They do have valet parking. Thick skinned duck dumpling and chewy pork ribs are avoidable.
Please note, no take-aways and no kids.

Tucked into one of Byculla’s warehouses, Goyaa has a wonderful feel of  discovering a hidden secret.  It’s a grey minimalistic high-ceilinged space. Vibrantly seasoned and creatively composed with unexpected flavour combinations  upscale comfort  food of baos and more (plenty for vegetarians).
Not all of it works. Dishes priced at
Rs275 to Rs350 (the most expensive being Rs 450)
. The whole experience (including getting lost due to the closed road) is an exciting story.  “Goyaa” is the Persian word for the art of telling a story. An unpretentious delicious story!
PS The twist to our story? we find out at the end…our unformed server is Siddharth Somaiya the brilliant 30 year old owner chef.

Goyaa, Unit No 2, JAK Compound, DK Cross Road, Byculla (E).

Rs 2000 for two.
Open from 7pm to 1am.


LILT-Modern Asian| Bar room

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Modern Asian
One more new restaurant opens in the Lower Parel  area. It announced it’s arrival with hype and hoopla as the culinary hot-spot, serving “modern Asian with an Indian twist” . It’s “Lilt Modern Asian” and there is an obvious 
investment of money, time and dreams. We popped in unannounced into a more or less empty restaurant. Does Lilt have a memorable harmony? Or does it strike discordant notes? Read the full article on


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In Worli’s Atria mall, South Bombay bar, nestles right next to my most favourite movie hall. Enter a large (really large) hall. Look up to admire the ceiling with Bombay’s map, there’s an island bar,quirky signages and dramatic lighting.Loud (really loud) music.Read my detailed review in today’s Bombay times or on

At SOUTH BOMBAY BAR with the gorgeous trio Gayatri Chona, Meha Patel (centre) Nidhi Negandhi



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Questions: Is this a home décor store which serves food? Or is it a restaurant which sells home décor? 

Ans: Yes to both. In the intriguigingly named “Plum by Bent  chair” it’s possible to  eat your salad and buy not o that funky plate  (a skull wearing headphones) it is served on and also the chair youre sitting on. 

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shop and dine: Behman and Lynne Homjee at PLUM BY BENT CHAIR


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Go for it!  it’s unpretentious. It’s in a seriously small space. It’s Seriously good. My kind of place.   It doesn’t take bookings and seats only 15 we were told. So  my Japanese food expert buddy and i reached there at 5.57 pm. Ate our way through the menu. Verdict: Bandra’s IZUMI lives up to it’s hype.  Read my detailed review on



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Good news! Breach Candy  got it’s own Thai sidestreet (Soi). It perches on the fourth floor and has chef co-owners Seefah  and Karan (who wowed with their  no-frills erstwhile “The Blue” in Bandra).  Bringing them in is celebrity restaurant- nightclub tycoon Rishi Acharya. Read my detailed review on


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Goa weaves it’s magic in Juhu. It all started over two decades ago (in Goa ofcourse) when  Celia Braganza and her son Lloyd cooked up a place known for its home style cooking and welcoming warmth.  And it’s Goa once more…Juhu’s House of Lloyd with it’s charming cane furniture,  potted plants, Mario Miranda murals and retro music sets the perfect stage for  the authentic flavors of Goa. Read my detailed review on


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Charming and unpretentious. Relaxed yet rocking. Open through the day.

 Hats off to the dynamo women behind Uno Mas: Cordon Bleu trained chef Pallavi Jayswal and Priyanka Sharma,  patisseur Anurita Ghosh and  interior designer Tejal Mathur. We love the robust, exuberant fare. Read my detailed review on

Flamenco friday: In UNO MAS, rocking yet relaxed with Meher and Pia Davis.
(dancer Anant Joshi, Guitarist Deepak Verma)


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I wish you miracles, joy, love: a fabulous 2019 flambéed with sparkling energy and gusto. Lets kickstart this new year with Tygr, an appropriately exciting brand new restaurant. Does its name stand for my most favourite big cat? Or maybe it’s  simply a short form for the cuisines it serves… Thai (Ty) Gr (Grill).

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TYGR…with globetrotting foodies: Rishabh Sheth, Romanch Dalal, Umang Bhatia, Rohitn Dhote, Rahil Kacheria, Neil Ramchandani, Viveka Purandare Bhatia, Dhruv Uday Singh.