WHITE CHARCOAL Progressive regional Indian cuisine

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The good Lord be praised! A reincarnation is in progress! A rebirth of regional Indian dishes in a modern avatar. And its happening silently in a gleaming new Andheri W restaurant. Sadly, its open only for dinner, so we have to brave the two hour long trafficked drive from South Mumbai to get here..My dinner companions (sportingly drive all the way)   discerning foodies are also rejuvenating healers.  Firoza Moos and Meher Davis both work wonders with their non invasive, drug free  natural solution to eliminate allergies. The dapper Jeff Davis,  Indian food aficionado, is just back after several years in Egyptwith an American oil company.

Was our harrowing, traffic choked  drive worth it? 

Read the full Article on https://www.bombaytimes.com/ to find out.

White Charcoal 1

At White Charcoal: with Meher, Jeff Davis and Firoza Moos.

white charcol 2
Chef Sandro Gamba and Radha Arora at the exclusive Manor club. 

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