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What you’re seeing on the table are not just delicious dishes but a taste of Hollywood history. The colourful salad Mc carthy was beloved of Elizabeth Taylor who honeymooned here four times in a row. And the plump Russian salad sandwich a favorite of Al Pacino, Brad Pitt and many a Hollywood superstar. The iconic Polo Lounge with its sundappled courtyard and immaculate food and service continues to breathe superglam Hollywood history. Over a century old, the pink palace,  Hotel Beverly Hills has been magnetising Hollywood and is their mecca.
Pepe De Anda  director of Polo Lounge for several decades embodies it’s gracious charm as I photograph him over our lunch with the beauty former Miss India Manasvi, Bollywood actress now taking Hollywood by storm. The sweet finale to our lunch? A curvaceous sundae (topped with candy floss). Marilyn Monroe’s favorite. Ofcourse!

Tasting Hollywood  Pepe de Anda and Manasvi at the iconic Polo Lounge.

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