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I’m sending you a taste of Russia’s food, history, art, culture, dance all in one bite of this traditional “egginanegg” dish you see in the photograph. The ballerinas twirl to the music of “Nutcracker suite” my favorite Russian maestro Tchaikovsky’s composition and do so in the very same historic  143 year old, stunningly beautiful stained glass-ceilinged restaurant where Tchaikovsky honeymooned.

It is here too that our Prime Minister Modi dined and Belmond Grand Hotel Europe, the most iconic landmark, witness to the history of the stunning St. Petersburg has been the haunt of global superstars, presidents and royalty.  Bill Clinton, Whitney Houston, George Bernard Shaw and many more have dined here. To dine here is to be part of history, to taste Chef Ian Christopher Minnis’s masterpieces from Asian to traditional Russian. And do a Caviar master class too. But that’s another story!

Tasting Russia: Egginanegg and Chef Larissa Kordik with the ballet dancers.

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