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A dream come true. Im a fragrance and perfume buff and for me, the world’s first of it’s kind  “The bar Fragrances” is Paradise found.

Here, in Berlin, I m not only smelling my favourite fragrance but also drinking and tasting it. Not only have all cocktails have been inspired by famous perfumes but even the Bar bites are matched to magnify the fragrance.Willy Wonka playfulness with sophisticated intimacy here in Potsdammer Platz’s Ritz Carlton’s innovative Bar. Every square inch bristles with glamor.Shimmery black mirrored walls, black gold columns, you enter the bar and you’re actually inside the menu. In it’s hall of Fame, perfumes are showcased under glass domes. There’s an Indian connect too…Penhaligons Vaara whose spicy Indian fragrance inspired by Maharaja Gaj Singh of Jodhpur’s fragrance profile is brilliantly transformed into a cocktail  by the award winning bar manager Arnd Heissen. He deftly and expertly shakes in  pear puree saffron infused rose water vanilla honey tonka bean sandalwood. Twists are added to classic bar bites to match the perfume by chef Oliver and my multi-sensory experience awaits.

 I smell, sip, bite into my perfume. Bliss in Berlin! 

image (1)
Multi sensory Fragrance bar: Arnd Heissen and Chef Oliver making edible perfumes.

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