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It’s a fangirl moment. I’m not only getting a taste of John F Kennedy’s favourite dishes but their recipes too. And that too in Frankfurt, in the stylish and luxuriously cosy Villa Kennedy constructed in 1901. It sparkles with minimalistic luxury in the style of the 1930’s. Like the dashing 35th President of the US, Villa Kennedy is a stylish combination of tradition and innovation. And it is here that the brilliant young  Chef Antonello Domenico De Marco recreates  Kennedy’s favourites. From the magical seafood dish, to the interpretation of the classical Berliner dessert.  Kennedy’s famous words “I’m a Berliner” are immortalised in this dish too. I particularly love the carrot steak (Marilyn Monroe’s favourite) paired with lamb (also her favourite). The Kennedy menu dazzles  and on my request Chef Antonello shares the recipes. Should you want them please mail Rashmiudaysingh18@gmail.com

Tribute to Kennedy: Chef Antonello Domenico De Marco, Iris Koenigsdorff Daniela Fette-Rakowski. 



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