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What happens when India’s most prestigious and rocking Times Lit fest invites the “worlds hottest chef” (People magazine)? Award winning chef, author, TV host, philanthropist, poet Vikas Khanna flies in from NYC  and gets mobbed. Its with great difficulty I get him away from his fans and  onto the stage to conduct a question answer session and to launch his book of culinary poems. We’re excited to find out more about his Museum of culinary arts, research on his next magnum opus of sacred foods of India. “All the worlds a story” was the theme of Bachi Karkaria and Namita Devidayal’s fabulously curated “Times Lit fest” How this dashingly goodlooking Punjabi boy  went from being homeless in NYC to being the face of Indian cuisine is definitely an inspirational story.

For the box (3)
Superstar Vikas Khanna sparkles in The Times Lit fest.

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