Paradise Found

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Gourmet dining and diving: Emilio Fortini and Chef mark Jensen in The Great Barrier Reef’s Lizard island.

I write from an exquisite sun drenched, remote island  (flying in on a private plane is the only way to get here.) Been feasting on a gourmet picnic on a private secluded beach, a seven course Modern Australian degustation menu under the stars  to learning to snorkel and dive. Emilio Fortini, the sun bronzed Italian who helms this very exclusive Lizard island resort had just come in from his deep sea dive when the brilliant Chef Mark Jenson conjured his fabulous coral trout dish and I shot this photo. This sensationally beautiful  Lizard island shimmers  in the turquoise blue seas in Australia’s great barrier reef. Its awesome to be connected to nature  yet coddled in luxury and pampered with the finest of food and wine. If this is not paradise what is?


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