Medieval Magic

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Time is standing still here. I’m in Norcia (This charming walled city is 600 years older than Rome) dining  with it’s  most distinguished aristocratic 160 year old family Bianconi here. It’s their once a year Medieval day celebration and I’m also wearing a heavy, embroidered gown for this special occasion. I dine in their 160 year old historic restaurant with as much gusto as I do in Vespasia (Umbria region’s only Michelin restaurant) where chef Emanuele Mazzela conjures the most amazing masterpieces. Comfort meets hi-tech in the 16thcentury Palazzo Seneca, with it’s magnificent stone walls, art, library and fireplaces. I feast on Norcineria (sausages and hams,) drive to Casteluccia for tasting the freshest of Pecorino cheese and lentils. And then go hunting (with dogs) for the famous black truffles. It’s a feast to beat all feasts.

Medieval banquet with the Family Bianconi in Norcia.

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