Ferragamo’s favorite

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Chef Enrico Fegliuolo and Azzurra Cassini with the famed truffle pizza.



Paradise found. I’m feasting on magically simple Tuscan cooking, truffle hunting and taking lessons in Tuscan cooking.swimming amid nature and golfing.Coddled in Italy’s magnificent Tuscan countryside, this 800 year old. 2000 hectare Rosewood Castiglon del Bosco (translates to castle in the woods) not only has it’s own golf course (Italy’s only private golf course), vineyard, herb garden but also make it’s own olive oil, honey and  grows its own (hold your breath) truffles. And it is these heady truffles that perfume the wood fired oven pizza that the owner of the estate Massimo Ferragamo (son of the legendary Salvatore Ferragamo) loves. Oh and did I tell you that the President of this group is our very own dynamo, Radha Arora? And this amazing estate with it’s villas also has it’s own   Church (with frescos dating to 1345) This is where I just prayed  in gratitude for being in Paradise. Amen!



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