Review: Taj Mahal Tea House

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Question: which new restaurant has Zakir Husain’s tabla and a chess set on display? specialises in tea and has been set up by a multinational company?  No prizes for guessing that it is the “Brooke Bond Taj Tea House”. I popped in there for a refreshing afternoon with two well-traveled foodies.  Vikram Phadnis, fashion guru (its his 25th year in fashion) and over the years his masterly flair has also been showcased in films, be it Aishwariya, Amitabh Salman Khan or Priyanka Chopra.  Anjali Pathak from London, author, foodwriter and chef  is
not only  from the family that brought Indian cuisine into global households, but also a cookery champion for Jamie Oliver. I’m excited about unique cooking school (hands-on multi-cuisine cooking sessions and interactive dinner experiences) that she is setting up. Yes! we will all return to Taj tea house.

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