Recipe: Warm Chicken Salad

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Warm Chicken Salad

Chef: Vernon Coelho

Cuisine: Continental

Category: Salad

Serves: 4

Cooking Time: 15 minutes                                                      Prepn/Marin 15 mintes


200 gms.                                                          Roasted breast of chicken

3-4                                                                     Tomatoes

50 gms.                                                            Toasted croutons

A few                                                                Red spinach (amaranth)

A few                                                                Tender green spinach

A few                                                                Methi sprouts

For the Dressing

30 ml                                                                Pan juices (obtained after roasting)

15-20 ml                                                          Wine vinegar

8-10                                                                  Crushed pepper

A pinch                                                             Salt (if required)

3- 4 flakes                                                       Garlic, crushed


Cut chicken breast into large cubes and keep warm.

Cut tomatoes into quarters and discard the pulp.

Clean and trim the spinach. ‘Remove stalks. Wash well.

Reheat the pan juices, add wine vinegar, pepper salt and garlic.

Arrange chicken, tomatoes, croutons and spinach neatly on a plate. Pour dressing sparingly on top.

Sprinkle methi sprouts on top. Alternately toss all ingredients lightly with the dressing. Serve in a bowl.

Chef’s Tip: “Leftover roast chicken is ideal for this salad.”


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