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Whats Hot Session
WHATS HOT TASTING SESSION: Faarah Mehta flanked by Kavita Srinivasan and Saagar Shewakramani (standing Danielle Sallam and Sridip Ganguli)

Is it possible? Can just one evening tasting session deliver the best of a city’s food-scene?  The very best of cupcakes Gourmet shewaramas, salads et al? yup! possible, but only when the knowledgable foodie hostess and publishing consultant and whiz, the lovely Faarah Mehta generously sources and then equally generously opens up her stylish villa (private beach et al) for my Whats hot tasting session. As does her  foodie husband, retailing tycoon, the dashing  Saagar Shewakramani. High voltage, brilliant editor  of a leading lifestyle magazine Kavita Srinivasan, Sridip Ganguly, software expert are foodies extraordinaires too.


Sweet seduction! Cant stop eating. Swirls of luscious frostings whirl tantalizingly.What do  “sex and the city”  “Devil have Prada” and Dubai have in common ? Cupcakes from the NYC based Magnolia. Carrot cake gets our vote.

From Sweet stuff (owners sisters Farah and Aaliya Gokal) it’s the  Chocolate cupcake as also from the other UAE homegrown success, Kitsch Concept.Hey sugar’s vanilla with chocolate frosting is to kill for . The Hummingbird bakery’s Red velvet is top of our list.


I tracked down Canadian born, fitness-enthusiast turned entrepreneur (the salad jar) and Voila! Danielle Sallam turned up with jars of  8  varieties of salads. Gourmet-salads-eaten-in-the-jar-home-delivered. Bursting with ooze and crunch,calorie sparse and nutrient dense are superb. The Mango tango, sweet beet are the best.


Street food shewarama goes gourmet ...and veggie options too. portobello/ haloumi abd more. Yum
Street food shewarama goes gourmet …and veggie options too. portobello/ haloumi abd more. Yum

OMG! Streetfood goes gourmet! home baked bread, premium, fresh, organic Ingredients drizzled with gourmet sauces redefine shewarama. Superb pure vegetarian Portobello, duck and veal too) Fadal belmahdi’s passion shines through.


Open 24 hours. Take your pick! White saj wholewheat saj (Lebanese  bread) plump with  Sfillings be it Spicy Chicken. Turkey cheese or barbecue steak. Veggies go for jebneh halloumi



Note: Im researching the Ultimate Vegetarian Guide to Dubai (so this Tasting session) your recommendations please rashmiudaysingh.dubai@gmail.com, instagram, twitter @rashmiudaysingh




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