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Your response to Amex presents Timescity Gourmet week (15th to 21st September) has been fabulous. So many restaurants are already fully booked up, because of the irresistibly low prices at which they are offering their meals Making this fabulous offer possible (across cuisines and throughout the city) is the one and only, Indias acknowledged leading destination for restaurants, bars, movies and events. And fine dine has always been the prestigious American Express’s   national and international forte. And so was born American Express presents Timescity Gourmet week.

FREE DINNERS? Plenty of contests being run on Check them out.



The early birds got bookings in these restaurants and they are already booked up…Souk, China House, Zodiac Grill, Masala Library, Yauatcha.



Dont say I didn’t warn you, these super star restaurants are also almost already booked up and the sooner you try your luck at booking the better  … Japanese (Wasabi, Kofuku)  Chinese ( Royal China, Golden Dragon,  Mainland China)  Thai (Thai Pavilion)  Italian (Vetro, Celini, Trattoria, Lorenzo) to Indian (Dum Pukht, K &K, Dakshin. Saffron) to Coastal (Konkan café, Gajalee, Trishna) Bengali (Oh Calcutta) Tex mex (Sanchos) Shiro, Cheval, Goa Portugesa, Rajdhani, Tuskers, Amadeus, Diva, Levo, 022.

What you waiting for? (only 3 days left, including today) Log onto /GW NOW


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