Masterchefs Dazzle

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I cant stop smiling! I am at a unique and much cherished dinner. She’s twenty two years old and has won the world’s first vegetarian masterchef. He is 56 years old, a revered Michelin starred chef from Italy. She is a Gujarati born and bred in Abu dhabi and has majored in finance and business from a prestigious American university. Whereas Roberto Franzin is from a family of professional chefs and cooks, Nikita Gandhi grew up watching her mother cook (she has never baked). Having won the masterchef series zoomed Nikita into the international lime light (and she even assisted Sanjeev Kapoor in cooking for Prime minister Modi). Roberto honed his formidable talents under superstars:  Spanish Chef Santi Santimaria, and  the French chef Jean François Piège and his restaurant has been conferred the coveted Michelin stars.

Chennai times photo
Michelin starred Roberto Franzin(with specs) Chef Maurizio, flanked by Nikita Gandhi (short hair) Deveekaa Nijhawan (long hair) dazzle.

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I’m celebrating! The word “multi” just got redefined. We’ve all heard of multi-cuisine, but how about multi-talented, multi-payment options, multi-homechefs? All this just a click away.And not to forget it’s all home-delivered too.

Have I managed to intrigue you? Confuse you? Its quite simple really and very useful to know.

This is all about an online platform to order incredibly delicious home made meals and bakery items and get them delivered right at your desk or doorstep.

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Chennai’s Chutney Magic

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Found. Atlast. The most vibrant of chutneys and chutney recipes and that too here, at our “Whats hot tasting session” in Chennai. I like to call myself a “chutney champion”  and trawl the world looking for unique and yummy chutney recipes. Be it the fruit based ones of the Western cuisines or the spice infused ones of the Eastern ones.

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Recipe: Grilled Lemon Chicken with Cinnamon Sticks

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Grilled Lemon Chicken with Cinnamon Sticks

Chef: Farrokh Khambatta

Cuisine: Continental

Category: Main Course

Serves: 10

Cooking Time: 15 minutes                                                      Prepn/Marin 5 minutes

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Recipe: Warm Chicken Salad

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Warm Chicken Salad

Chef: Vernon Coelho

Cuisine: Continental

Category: Salad

Serves: 4

Cooking Time: 15 minutes                                                      Prepn/Marin 15 mintes

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Recipe: Herbed Chicken Drumsticks

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Herbed Chicken Drumsticks

Chef: Satish Arora

Cuisine: Continental

Category: Starter

Serves: 4

Cooking Time: 20 minutes Prepn/Marin 15 minutes


8 Chicken drumsticks, without skin

60 gms. Fresh bread crumbs

15 gms. Parsley, chopped

20 gms. Garlic, chopped

1 tspn. Rosemary, chopped

1 gms. Star anise powder

2 tbsp Thyme

1 tspn. Paprika powder

1 ½ tbsp. Cheese powder

8 Egg whites

1 tsp. Black pepper corns, crushed

10 gms Flour

As required Salt

4 tsp. Olive oil


Make insertions in chicken pieces.

Beat egg white stiffly in a bowl.

Mix bread crumbs with parsley, paprika, star anise powder, garlic, rosemary, thyme, cheese powder and salt. Mix well.

Dust chicken with flour, then dip in eggs and roll in breadcrumbs. Pat and keep aside.

In a frying pan, heat oil. Put chicken pieces slowly (not too many at one time). Turn over when brown.

Arrange in a greased tray and put in preheated oven (350 F.) for 15-20 minutes.

Serve chicken with a spicy tomato sauce.

Recipe: Murgh Shorba

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Murgh Shorba “healthy refreshing soup”

Chef: Kesar Singh Kotwal

Cuisine: lndian

Category: Soup

Serves: 4

Cooking time: 45 minutes Prepn/Marin Time 10 minutes

Ingredients 1kg Chicken bones


5 gms. Peppercorns

20 gms. Onions, quartered

40 gms. Tomatoes, quartered

60 gms. Turnip (shalgam), quartered

30 gms. Leeks, diced

As required Salt


40gms. Chicken breast, boiled and shredded

40ml. Fresh Cream


Boil chicken bones along with the flavouring ingredients for 35-40 minutes.

Strain the soup and check seasoning. Stir in the cream before serving.

Garnish with shredded chicken and serve hot.

Secret squirrel Karen McLean dazzles

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Im about to share a very yummy secret with you. Correction: many secrets that will help you cook and eat healthy as well as tasty. And creating  these recipes and sharing them freely is a slender, slim and sunshiny young girl. I was  so rivetted by her instagram posts that I requested to meet her. Whoa! What an amazing success story…Karen McLean , this Australian-Vietnamese girl moved to Dubai only two years ago and since then has millions of fan followers. She’s a qualified CA who came to a foreign country (Dubai), loves cooking and her dad and grandpa are amazing cooks. But healthy eating recipes are her very own and it was accidentally that Karen started sharing them on her website and instagram and voila! her fan following hit sky high.

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It’s a treat to beat all treats. A Double Treat, whichever way you look at it. And Im not only referring to the delicious nutritious dates (which I cant stop eating) but also my delightful dates from South India. The brilliant Executive chef Thirimalai Murugan ‘s award winning dish blends South India and Dubai so is it any wonder that the dish was given highly prestigious  UAE award? The creative and hard working chef from kanyakumari has not only honed his talents all over the world, but has also spearheaded many a hotel pre-opening team.

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