Review: 145

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Open “noon to moon”145 (the street address of this brand new Kalaghoda restaurant, which replaces Cheval) is a  response to  the diners’ appetites for comforting, affordable food.

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Review: One Street Over

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Attention and affection. This brand new Bandra “One street over” merits both from us. And rightfully too.  It marks the return of Chef Kelvin Cheung who had worked his culinary charms in Colaba’s Ellipsis. Read the rest of this entry »

Review – Miami

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Forever grateful. That’s what I am to all of you who keep me informed about all the holes in the wall eateries (love them). Also all the new ones. Like this one today. Im thankful to Jimmy Thakkar who I met just by chance when I was buying undhiyo, steamed muthiya and Rajkot pedas from his fabulous 18 year old shop in Grant Road.  This is the second new eatery he has pointed me to, so I invited him and Nikunj Patel, his diamond merchant friend to lunch with me. They’re both pure vegetarians.

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Review: Firki

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Playfulnes and color weave their way through the décor and menu. Pin-wheels, graffitti, old-school Indian toys and games; wooden doll collections (including the firki on the walls) signal the meal that is to follow.

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Review: Radio Bar

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I love Bandra bar bar (sorry for that cheap pun). And, happily leading this recent new spate of bar openings is Radio bar. I had been wanting to go there ever since it opened but then one night

( clearly my lucky night, not only did I meet Shahrukh Khan at Rana kapoor’s dinner) but also Manasi Scott (who was anchoring that event). This gorgeous hippie-heart diva, singer, songwriter, actor with  music in her veins and an international hit on the world charts accepted my impromptu invite. She  made for the perfect guest to check out Radio Bar.

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Review: Grandmama’s Cafe

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It’s a happy coincidence. Im writing from Italy where family recipes, granma s cooking, traditional dishes are given pride of place. And Im reviewing Dadar s new cafe dedicated to the very same values. No prizes for guessing why it’s called “Grandmama s cafe”.

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Review: Mirch and Mime

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The Good Lord be praised. A winner is born. It pampers the palate (with remarkable Indian cuisine) takes care of the wallet (moderately priced) and warms the heart ( hearing-speech impaired staff).

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Review: Cafe Haqq Se

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Tucked into Kamala Mills (remember to drive in through gate 4) it’s a dramatically done up café (Bollywood set designer Vinod Guruji’s touch is evident).

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Recipe: Chicken Salad Malabar

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Chef: Alwyn Fernandes

Cuisine: Fusion

Category: Salad

Serves: 20

Cooking Time: 30 minutes Prepn/Marin 5 minutes


1 ½ Kg. Whole chicken

2 Spring onions, sliced

2 Green capsicums, sliced

2 Pineapple slices cut into pieces + 1 slice for garnishing

1 cup Mayonnaise

50 ml Cream

2 tbsp. Curry powder (Atlas brand)

1 tbsp. Mango chutney

1 tsp. Salt

4 Peppercorns

1 Carrot sliced

1 sprig Celery, chopped

To make a stock, take enough water to sink chicken, add salt, peppercorns, carrot and boil stock for

1S minutes.

Put chicken in when stock starts boiling again, reduce flame and cook for 10 minutes.

Take out and dry chicken. Shred with fingers.

Mix with all the other ingredients in the bowl.

Mix well, garnish with a slice of pineapple and chill before serving.

Chef’s Tip lf the number of guests increase serve on a bed of cress lettuce “